Mission of Ukrainian Evaluation Association is to support the development, dissemination and use of evaluation in Ukraine, to improve decision-making in public, non-government and private sectors and to contribute to the development of evaluation culture.

Goals of UEA:

  •  Consolidate people interested in evaluation development;
  • Create a platform for exchange of information, ideas, knowledge and experience in the area of evaluation;
  • Support development of theory, methodology and practice of evaluation in Ukraine, including the establishment of separate speciality/major in this area in educational institutions;
  • Develop evaluation in public, non-government and private sectors;
  • Promote the use of evaluation as an instrument of good governance supporting transparency, accountability, effectiveness and efficiency of public administration and development of civil society and private sector;
  • Cooperate with international networks, organizations and associations of foreign countries;
  • Support professional development and training of UEA members;
  • Stimulate demand for evaluation in public, non-governmental and private sectors, development of institutional, information and resources supply for evaluation, necessary skills, procedures, competences and relevant organizational culture (evaluation capacity development);
  • Conduct other activities aimed at achievement of mission and goals of UEA. 

UEA operates based on the principles of independence, transparency and legitimacy, ethics and corporate social responsibility, professionalism and efficiency, using best international practices in the evaluation area.

UEA acts on the basis of Statute, which stipulates the principles of functioning, management and the structure, membership procedures and decision-making mechanism.