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and professional standards


According to the results of the EvalPartnersinvites Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs) small grant competition in 2015, the Ukrainian Evaluation Association received financial support for the creation and implementation of professional standards for evaluation specialists (persons specializing in evaluating policies, programs and projects) at the national level.

The need to create and implement standards is determined by the growing demand for evaluation of policies, programs and projects. The demand for evaluation has grown significantly not only from non-governmental, but also from governmental organizations that are trying to create a system of transparent, result-oriented management. Evaluation becomes an integral component of reforms in the country: the need to conduct professional monitoring and evaluation of these reforms has become obvious not only to international donors, but also to the central government and   civil society expert organizations. Accordingly, a natural question arises: who can do this in order to provide the customer with a result and not discredit the idea of evaluation? What are the minimum requirements for evaluation specialists? Which ethical norms must be strictly adhered to in the course of professional activity, and which are far-fetched and designed only to protect someone personally from competition? How to train evaluation specialists who will work in Ukrainian realities.

Edition 2

Appraisal Specialist: Appraisal Standards and Professional Standards. - Kyiv: FOP Filimonchuk M.M., 2016. - 32 p.

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