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Letter from the Polish Evaluation Society on the situation in Ukraine

Dear Colleagues,

One week has passed since the brutal and unjustified attack on Ukraine which opened a dark chapter in the history of this country, but also of Europe and the world. The Ukrainian people have faced a challenge that no one should be faced with. The aggression initiated on February 24, 2022, by Vladimir Putin, who heads the government of the Russian Federation, is a violation of all the norms of the civilized world and the beginning of suffering and destruction that is afflicting whole territory of Ukraine.

This dark time is a call for us, Poles, people for whom democracy and independence are values that mark the line between what is worthy and what is vile, what is acceptable and what is impermissible, between good and evil.

During these days we should stand on the side of those who are being hurt – our Brothers and Sisters who lost their lives, health, loved ones, all their possessions, as well as plans and dreams.

Expressing its deep objection to this criminal attack, the Board and Audit Committee of the Polish Evaluation Society (PTE), calls on its members and all people of goodwill to show solidarity by helping Ukrainian nation through cash and material, concrete needs organized collections or help in getting to relatives living in Poland. We are in touch with our colleagues from Ukraine to help suggest any further possible help.

The anti-Ukrainian propaganda of Vladimir Putin’s government has been going on for years; it is based on data manipulation and disinformation. As evaluators, we can also – and we urge all members of PTE to do so – oppose Russian lies wherever they are duplicated. Let each one of us, within our abilities, contribute their brick to the barricade separating dignity and heroism from brutal imperialism and evil.

We also call on the Evaluation Societies from Europe and around the world – operating at national, regional, and global levels – to provide all possible assistance to the Ukrainian Nation, which every day is heroically fighting for its independence and peace in whole Europe against an opponent with incomparably greater military potential.

Glory to Ukraine! Слава Україні!

The Board and the Audit Committee of the Polish Evaluation Society

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